Unhealthiest Carbs To Stay Away From

 Jams: Jarred jams and jellies include a significant amount of added sugar. These are usually prepared with fruit, however some brands contain more added sugar by weight than fruit.

Flavored yogurt: Plain yogurt provides calcium, protein, and probiotics. Unfortunately, many flavored yogurts include sugar. This doesn't invalidate yogurt's benefits, but it makes flavored yogurt less appealing.

Pastries: Some glazed donuts and chocolate-filled croissants have apparent sugar levels, but other pastries may surprise you. Commercial muffins are heavy in fat and sugar.

White bread: Fluffy bread is delicious but lacking in nutrition. White breads lack fiber, protein, and may include sugar.

Fruit snacks: Sugary desserts typically contain food colors and colorings, making them even more harmful.

Candy: Sugary sweets may be one of the worst carbohydrate sources. Candy lacks fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making it a low-calorie food.

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