Food Pairings That Double Weight Loss

Nut Butter + Banana: Protein and good fats decrease sugar digestion, preventing blood sugar spikes. This combo provides carbs from bananas and protein and fat from peanut butter.

Spinach + Lemon Juice: Lemons provide vitamin C, while spinach provides vegetarian non-heme iron. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) increases spinach iron absorption. Vitamin C boosts iron absorption.

Bell Peppers + Eggs: This powerful fat-frying combo will help you fit into slim clothes quickly. Eggs include metabolism-boosting choline, while peppers contain vitamin C.

Oatmeal + Berries: Oatmeal with berries is another tasty fat-frying breakfast choice for dieters. Adding this meal to your weekly routine can help you get a six-pack before swimsuit season.

Honeydew + Red Grapes: Anthocyanin, an antioxidant that calms fat-storage genes, makes red grapes better-belly food. This winning combination produces a tasty, nutritious dessert that will transform your two-pack into a six-pack fast.

Pistachios + Almonds: A cereal-pretzel snack combo may taste wonderful, but it won't give you a tight stomach. Replace starchy carbohydrates with pistachios and almonds.

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